tree Sky and cloud of Forest drought

Do you want to know the signs of tree health problems? Or are you concerned about the health of your trees? Unhealthy trees are dangerous. They can fall on your houses during wind storms. It is important to know the signs of tree health problems. Fix these problems before they cause serious damages.

Here are the signs of tree health problems.

1. Visual Inspection

Give your trees a visual inspection. Check the leaves. Are they discolored? Are they falling? Discolored and falling leaves mean that there is something wrong with the tree. Unhealthy trees lose their leaves prematurely.

Check the branches and the trunk of your trees. If there are cracks, this is a sign of a serious structural problem. This problem is usually caused by a disease.

2. Twig Test

A twig test can help you know an unapparent death of a tree. Break off a twig. Check the inside of the twig. How does it look? If the tissue is green, the tree is healthy. A dead twig is dark and brittle. So if the twig is dead, check other twigs and branches. If the tree has several dead twigs, you are losing that tree.

Healthy tissue is important. If your tree has several dead twigs, remove them immediately. Dead twigs and branches attract more pests and diseases. Call a professional to effectively heal improper wounds.

3. Old Age

There are trees that live longer than others. Old age can affect the health of your trees. Therefore, check the age of your trees. If they have the reached their golden years, remove them. They are dangerous. They can easily fall into your building.

4. Tree Diseases

There are common tree diseases that can cause tree health problems. For example, a fungus can affect your trees. The fungus cause defoliation and leaf discoloration.

Poor pruning can affect the health of a tree. Learn how to prune your trees properly if you want to avoid this problem.

Check for pests because they can harm your trees.

It is hard to know the common tree diseases. If you suspect that your trees have diseases, call a tree care professional. A professional provides an accurate diagnosis.

5. Deciduous Trees

These trees drop their leaves when they are drying. And this usually happens during the growing season. The leaves of a dying tree turn brown and brittle during the growing season. If your trees have yellow leaves, it is a clear sign that the trees have problems.

6. Evergreen Trees

Dying evergreen trees show brown or red needles. Stressed trees show yellow needles when they are dying.

7. Branches

Dead branches lose their bark. When a branch starts to lose its bark, know that it is dying. Dead branches usually break off when they are dead. If so many branches are breaking off, the tree is dying.

These are the common signs of tree health problems. Fix tree health problems quickly, especially if you don’t want to lose your tree. If you don’t know what to do, call a tree care professional.